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All Books, All Episodes

Find here a compilation of all book titles from all Storytime Seedling Podcast episodes. Take a look - they are all great books - and all linked to the in order to find copies from a library near you - anywhere in the world!

Books by Episode

Love me tender.jpeg
big hugs little hugs.jpeg
I need a hug.jpeg
Episode 4  Colors
Dogs Colorful day.jpeg
Cats colors.jpeg
monsters love colors.jpeg
Episode 5  Silly Stories
Lets sing cowboy.jpeg
Episode 7  Hello  & Good-bye
say hello hola.jpeg
say hello davick.jpeg
Episode 6  Bunnies
golden egg book.jpeg
every bunny dance.jpeg
Episode 8  Summer Fun
honey klein.jpeg
summer supper.jpeg
hide and seek.jpeg
Episode 9  Down By the Station
singing in the rain.jpeg
moon river.jpeg
Episode 10  The Little Red Caboose
theres a hole in a log.jpeg
cat goes fiddle i fee.jpeg
Episode 11  Cats
kittens first full moon.jpeg
pete the cat groovy buttons.jpeg
Episode 12  Pumpkins
pumpkin trouble.jpeg
pete the cat five pumpkins.jpeg
pug and pug trick.jpeg
Episode 13  Apples
orange pear apple bear.jpeg
little apple goat.jpeg
hungry bunny.jpeg
Episode 14  Fall
fall with lily and milo.jpeg
in the middle of fall.jpeg
Episode 15  Thanksgiving
over the river and through the woods randall.jpeg
one family.jpeg
thankful book.jpeg
Episode 17  A Wonderful New Year
walking in a winter wonderland.jpeg
what a wonderful world.jpeg
shortest day.jpeg
Episode 16  Jingle All the Way
bear stays up for christmas.jpeg
jingle bells jeffers.jpeg
stowaway in a sleigh.jpeg
Episode 18  Winter
peep and ducky its snowing.jpeg
best in snow.jpeg
Episode 19  Hugs & Kisses
i love kisses.jpeg
one hug.jpeg
Episode 20  Dogs
wake up color pup.jpeg
bark george.jpeg
bobo and the new baby.jpeg
Episode 21  Happy & Healthy
Episode 22  Eggs & Chicks
rah rah radishes.jpeg
spunky little monkey.jpeg
no more naps.jpeg
pigeon needs a bath.jpeg
are you my mother.jpeg
quiet boat ride.jpeg
Episode 23  Earth LOVE
Episode 24  Sheepish Lambs
our earth helping out.jpeg
the earth book parr.jpeg
you loves ewe.jpeg
sheep in a jeep.jpeg
giving tree.jpeg
curious garden.jpeg
sheep 101.jpeg
Episode 25    May Flowers
perfect day.jpeg
planting a rainbow.jpeg
what does bunny see.jpeg
bloom boom.jpeg
Episode 26   A Garden Green
upin the garden down in the dirt.jpeg
theres a pest in the garden.jpeg
10 little catarpillars.jpeg
Episode 27    Picnics & Popsicles
good news bad news.jpeg
teddy bears picnic.jpeg
curious george goes to the beach.jpeg
boy who invented the popsicle.jpeg
Episode 28   A Starry Summer
draw me a star.jpeg
stars stars stars.jpeg
twinkle little star.jpeg
pete the cat twinkle little star.jpeg
Episode 29    By the Sea
Episode 30   A-B-C's, 1-2-3's
harolds treasure hunt.jpeg
sea rex.jpeg
pete at the beach.jpeg
tide pools.jpeg
chicka chicka 1 2 3.jpeg
alphabet parade.jpeg
elmos abc song.jpeg
pete goes marching.jpeg
Episode 31    A Monster Palooza
theres a nightmare.jpeg
monster boogie.jpeg
if your monster wont go to bed.jpeg
quit calling me a monster.jpeg
Episode 32  Sing a Song of Pie
from pumpkin to pie.jpeg
apple farmer annie.jpeg
apple pie tree.jpeg
three little kittens.jpeg
Episode 33    The Wonder of Toys
bears big day.jpeg
Episode 34  Jumping Frogs & Hopping Toads
ah ha.jpeg
frogs and toads.jpeg
good night little blue truck.jpeg
Episode 35  Babies-A-Go-Go
baby sleep anywhere.jpeg
baby day.jpeg
baby shark.jpeg
old dog baby.jpeg
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