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Summer Fun in Storytime, No. 8

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Note: This post originally appeared on the Santa Clara County Library District blog on June 12, 2019.

How about some great books, songs and fingerplays all about having FUN in the Summertime? Along the way, you can even enjoy a storytime, anytime with the Storytime Seedlings Podcast!

For a handy printable storytime resource, click here.

Listen to the Podcast - Episode 8 - Summer Fun - Storytime Seedlings

Picture Books that make a splash!

Sweet Summertime Fingerplays

Five Red Strawberries

Five red strawberries, sweet to the core.

Bear came and ate one and then there were four. Four red strawberries, growing near a tree. Bear came and ate one and then there were three. Three red strawberries, for you and you and you. Bear came and ate one and then there were two. Two red strawberries, sitting in the sun. Bear came and ate one and there was one. One red strawberry, left all alone. Bear came and ate one and then there were none!

Early Literacy Tip: Art and Picture Books

"The magic of picture is in the play of art and words together to create image, mood, meaning and story--all making for memborable experiences with your child." (From: The Early Literacy Kit by Betsy Diamant and Saroj Ghoting)

In Episode 8: Summer Fun, the Pre-Literacy Tip is on enhancing your child’s reading experience by talking about, or pointing to places in the book, as you read, where art and words come together to tell the story.

Picture books are a first step in a child’s developing comprehension as they view the pictures corresponding to the words of the story that is being read to them. The details in art—like finding a hidden animal in the forest—train a child’s eye to details that add meaning to the whole, as tone and a collection of musical notes becomes a song. Adults can show by pointing to an element in a picture and then ask questions, “What do you see here?” then follow the child’s response into a dialog, “Yes, it’s a bear! What is the bear doing?” and so on. Sometimes, as with the picture book, Summer Supper by Rubin Pfeffer where a particular letter is the focus. Words and pictures are especially potent to teaching letter sound, words, meaning. Words and pictures tell can tell colorful tales with lots of emotion - see one of my favorite picture books: Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear by Don and Audrey Wood.

And most important - learning with picture books is great fun!

See you at Storytime! Lauren



I'm Lauren Teixeira, Children's Librarian and Podcaster.

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