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L-O-V-E is a Storytime, No. 3

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Note: This post is edited from its original form (published by Santa Clara County Kid's Blog on February 14, 2020. by Lauren Teixeira).

Photo by Jill Wellington from Pexels

Who doesn't L-O-V-E a storytime? Don't be shy - stop on by and along the way, you can even enjoy a storytime, anytime with the Storytime Seedlings Podcast!

L-O-V-E Episode 3

L-O-V-E Books!

L-O-V-E is a Fingerplay

This is the Mother

(Hold up your hand, wiggle one finger at a time, starting with your thumb, as you name the family, then give yourself a big hug at the end.

This is the mother.

This is the father.

This is brother tall.

This is the sister.

This is the baby.

Oh, how we love them all!

Early Literacy Tip: Love Helps a Child Grow

"Scientific studies have shown that children develop best when they have a strong, positive relationship with at nurturing adult."

--The Early Literacy Kit by Betsy Diamant and Saroj Ghoting

In Episode 3, the Early Literacy Tip we discussed was about LOVE - how important being loved by a caring adult is to a child's well being and ability to flourish as they grow.

Being loved, hugged and kissed, helps children to physically grow, but also to develop their thinking, comprehension and burgeoning intellect. When a child is loved he or she is truly free to be who they are fully capable of being.

Hello! I'm Lauren Teixeira, Children's Librarian and Podcaster.

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